Live String Music & More

Explore our diverse selection of string ensembles, tailored to accommodate any budget. In addition to our skilled musicians proficient in string quartets, trios, duets, and solo performances on violin or cello, we also provide versatile vocalists with an extensive range, adept in keyboard performances as well.

First Hour (STARTING AT $300)
$300 per musician for the first hour (1 hour minimum). Perfect for a wedding ceremony and seating.
Additional Time (STARTING AT $150)
$150 per musician per hour for additional time after the first hour. Great for a wedding reception and cocktail hour.


La Primavera Strings, based in Norfolk, Virginia, brings captivating melodies to events across cities and states, blending classical elegance with contemporary charm. Elevate your regional events with their enchanting performances.
Please note, travel fees may apply, varying based on travel requirements and locations. Contact for more details!


La Primavera Strings is equipped to record music for artists in studio for any genre!

Professional Music Recording (STARTING AT $50)

$50 per musician per hour (1 hour minimum).

Final price may vary based on location, duration, and time of event. Contact Alaina for a quote at 757-274-3402 or